Hi Guys

I'm using a php script that encodes an image into a .mms file. However, when this .mms file is then sent out it will only open up on motorola and nokia phones. I was wandering if anyone has any tips to get this to work with sony and other phones.

The headers that are getting encoded are:

X-Mms-Message-Type: m-retrieve-conf
X-Mms-Transaction-ID: 335189
X-Mms-MMS-Version: 1.0
X-Mms-Message-Class: Personal
Date: 2008-01-21 13:39:58
From: Swatch/TYPE=PLMN
To: Swatch/TYPE=PLMN
Subject: Swatch
Content-type: application/vnd.wap.multipart.mixed
Multipart with 1 entries
Content-type: image/gif

below is a link for the actuall mms file i've created - the password for the link is "encode".


any help would be much appreciated