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    problem playing resource sound file

    Hi All

    i just cant seem to be able to play a WAV (or MID) sound file when i include it as a resource in my netbeans java app. i get a run time error that says:

    Illegal argument java/lang/illegalargumentexception param is null

    my resouce files are stored in a folder named 'res' off the main project folder, and i have added it using project > libraries & resources > add folder

    i am using the S40 SDK and have a routine that i call whenever i want to play the sound file as such:

    public void PlayResSound() {
    try {
    InputStream is = getClass().getResourceAsStream("Siren.wav");
    Player p = Manager.createPlayer(is, "audio/X-wav");
    catch (IOException ioe) { }
    catch (MediaException me) { }

    if i try playing .mid file using "audio/midi" i still get the same problem whenever i call this routine

    please does anyone have an idea why this is happening, what i have done wrong, and is there something else i can try

    many thanks in advance


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    Re: problem playing resource sound file

    if the resources are stored in /res folder then the path should be also used in the method calls... getResourceAsStream("/res/Siren.wav")


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