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    Bluetooth-Headset & internal/external Loudspeakter simultaneously


    is it possible to disable the plug detection of a cable headset to have sound simultaneously on headset-speakers and internal handy-speaker? Or is it possible to enable internal handyspeaker if a bluetooth-headset is connected?

    Is there such a possibility to (re)enable the internal speaker by a symbian-api or an other handy-api (resources)?

    Or can I use the pop-port audio out simultaneously with a connected bluetooth-headset?

    I' want to have sounds (navigation voices from TomTom-Soft) to the internal speaker or to an additional speaker (via pop-port) while the handy is connected and should stay connected to a bluetooth-car-adapter (which havn't the possibility to let hear something outside of phone calls). It's a Nokia E65.
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    Re: Bluetooth-Headset & internal/external Loudspeakter simultaneously

    Don't think it's possible.


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