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    Help required for video capturing

    I have a requirement to capture the video and audio in a video call.
    I could find some sample code in the forum for capturing audio, but don't have any to capture the video.

    In N95 phones, there is a video call option, and i would like to capture the incoming video for a video call.

    Any help in this direction is highly apppreciated.


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    Re: Help required for video capturing

    There is no public API for this. I doubt that there is any API for this at all. You would need to contact Nokia for support with this requirement.


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    Re: Help required for video capturing

    AFAIK not possible even with internal APIs.

    Hmmmm... Could something as simple as screen capturing work here?


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    Re: Help required for video capturing

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Torrance View Post
    Hmmmm... Could something as simple as screen capturing work here?
    My guess would be that a video call uses the same rendering path as normal video (mainly because of performance reasons), thus it cannot be captured.

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