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    European phone in U.S.

    In my ferver to own an e51, I accidentally purchased the European model, rather than U.S. model. I have called tech support, and am told that the software on the European vs. U.S. models are different. I am unable to connect the phone to our phone system using SIP. Other phones and softphones work wonderfully, but not my e51. I am wondering if a simple misunderstanding of the terms used in setup is the culprit. For example, in the U.S. we don't use the term "Realm", so I don't know what information to put in this field.
    Also, I'm wondering if the SIP configuration is the same on the U.S. model as the European model phone.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: European phone in U.S.

    Some clients don't require you to set a realm because they copy it from server's authentication required response (401). Server sends this response when client sends a request that requires authentication before it can be performed.

    As an example registration request:

    A --- REGISTER ---> B
    A <----- 401 ------ B (server provides realm here and challenges client to input it´s credentials (username,password)
    A --- REGISTER ---> B
    A <----- 200 ------ B

    If you don´t know the realm you can record traffic and copy this parameter from 401 message. Nevertheless service provider should provide this information along with other SIP-account information.

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