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    Capturing Music Slider Event ( Nokia 5610 Express Music )

    Hi all,

    my midlet ( like other J2ME Apps on the N 5610 Music Xpress ),
    is terminated immediately when the Music Slider ( NavSlide ) is moved on either direction.

    standard key capture midlets do not capture any event triggered by this Slider, the midlets get closed.

    Is it possible to capture this event?
    with 2 option to follow:
    1. Alert User ( although Red Button Key press does the same! )
    2. Use Right / Left Slider Mechanics for the midlet

    thanks in advance for any input


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    Re: Capturing Music Slider Event ( Nokia 5610 Express Music )

    You cannot capture that event. Unfortunately.

    I have not player around with that phone so I do not know if you could somehow customize that event to do something else. Check the settings...


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    Re: Capturing Music Slider Event ( Nokia 5610 Express Music )

    I had a quick look through the settings and did not find any way to override this behaviour. The preinstalled MIDlets also exits while the Music slider is moved. Me too presume, its not possible to capture this event.


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