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    Thumbs up connecting two phones using IP address(peer to peer)

    Hi friends,
    I want to communicate two phones using IP address its should be Peer to peer connection..no server in between.I can get IP address of two mobiles..iam using sockets...i tried to connect but..but i cant get connected ...what would be the porblem ..let me know some soultion..

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    Re: connecting two phones using IP address(peer to peer)

    You have several problems to overcome here:

    1: Most network operators do not assign public IP addresses to phones (some might, and some might only if you use a special access point)

    2: Even if both phones would have a public IP address, the operator might block inbound connection attempts.

    3: Even if also that happened to work, the phones wouldn't have DNS names, and you'd have hard time finding the other phone, unless you used some out-of-band mechanism to exchange IP addresses first (or implemented one of these Dynamic DNS schemes that exist).

    4: Even if all that would work, it might only work between phones on a specific or certain specific networks, and you wouldn't be able to come up with a universal/global solution.

    That's - in essence - why you need a central hub/server to go through (and optionally also solutions like IPv6, SIP).

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    Re: connecting two phones using IP address(peer to peer)

    Hi sumanthgwn,

    Petrib is right, but you can solve your problem by using "IP exchange server" where you can see phone public IP and port and then exchange this information between phones.

    Have you checked Nokia Mobile Web server application?

    and here is big picture what I think you are trying to do??

    But any way if you use mobile web server then you can easily assign DNS address to mobile phone.


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