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    problem installing nokia sip plug-in 4

    i'm trying to install "nokia sip plug-in for series 60" but get
    "Series 60 SDK 2.6 is required but is not installed into your system or is not default SDK. Please install SDK or choose it as default before installing SIP Plug-in"

    i have multiply sdk but the s60_2nd_fp3 is the default
    S60_2nd_FP3:com.nokia.series60 - default

    i try uninstall and install of the S60_2nd_FP3 .. same problem
    any idea ?


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    Re: problem installing nokia sip plug-in 4

    2.6 is also known as Series 60 FP2, FP3 is 2.8. Yes, it is confusing.
    So you want the FP2 SDK.

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