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    Flashlite content for nokia 40 series

    series 40 has much wider market share than series 60. series 40 and SE phones just because there is no convenient way to deliver off-line oriented Flash Lite games . At this time the Flash Lite market share is too small to be ignoring platform. There is any system/process for flashlite content for nokia 40 series or OSE phones. Not forward the content by bluetooth, etc or installer with icon. How to safe our content.How to develop forward lock sytem for flashlite 40 series or OSE phone.DRM or other way to done.

    Narender Raul

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    Re: Flashlite content for nokia 40 series


    there is an initiative to create a Jar installer, the open source project is called Jarpa.


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    Re: Flashlite content for nokia 40 series

    You can use OMA DRM for forward locking your SWF file for Series 40 devices...

    But there is no special packaging for Flash Lite files for Series 40 phones, if that's what you are asking.


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