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Thread: Symbian Signed

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    Angry Symbian Signed

    I am more than a little confused by the process to get an application signed. I would like to get a freeware application signed and I know that there is a process for freeware.


    But click the link in step 1


    I get the following:

    Access denied

    Either your session has been expired (the session expires after a period of inactivity) or you do not have rights to enter this section of the website..."

    I am signed in and my session has not expired and there are no directions about what I need to do to get access. This is a very convoluted, confusing process. I also tried to buy a cert from trustcenter but it appears that you have to be a company that you cannot be an individual developer.

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    Re: Symbian Signed

    hmm.. the Symbian Signed site is a right pain.

    I permanently seem inactive, have my account expire, and a month ago I ended up in a stupid state where I couldn't create a new account or activate my old one.

    Currently I have to use an email alias because someone thought it was clever not to allow access from hotmail or other free accounts. These are quite safe due to the fact that my publisher id has the real important information.

    When I submit an application I always have to try a few times to read the security code, which uses a difficult font and draws characters off the edge of the image.

    The interface doesn't make the site easy to use at all, there is no clear work flow, no help along the way. 'Submissions' suggests work that you've already completed and despite needing a TCT Content ID before you submit for express signing, but the instructions are go to Submissions to submit.

    Clearly what we are seeing here is an engineers attempt at a website. Great if you know what half the stuff means already but a nightmare for anyone that doesn't work at Symbian Signed.
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    Re: Symbian Signed


    i also belive the symbiansigned.com needs a rework on its signing process work-flow.

    sometimes i have to walk through SWF2Go users on symbiansigned.com who try to get thier apps signed through messenger chat. phew!

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