I am using the PC Connectivity SDK 3.0 beta, Windows 2000, DLR-3P cable and a 6360 phone.

Using the 'Call Example' from the SDK I can get the phone to dial a phone number and establish a voice connection.

I want to be able to do the same thing but force the voice call to be an analog (AMPS) one. I have tried modifying the 'Call Example' source, but so far have had no luck.

When the code sets up the call it calls the function SetMode(). The third and last parameter to SetMode() is Mode, which is of type CallMode. The program 'Call Example' sets Mode to CA_CALL_MODE_SPEECH. I have tried setting Mode to CA_CALL_DAMPS_MODE_ANALOGDATA, CA_CALL_DAMPS_MODE_DATA_DIRECT and CA_CALL_DAMPS_MODE_NO_CALL, but they all establish digital voice connections.

Is there any way to modify the 'Call Example' or any other way in general to get the 6360 to dial an analog voice connection?

Thank You.