Hello ,

I found on Symbian Freak forum ALREADY a tool for PAMP

Copyright (C) 2008 Johan Fitie <jfitie_at_gmail_dot_com>
GNU General Public License

It's a File manager/viewer/editor designed for PHP development using the
PAMP (Personal Apache Mysql Php) stack for Nokia S60-based mobile phones.

1. Install the PAMP stack located at http://sourceforge.net/projects/pamp .
2. Under /Data/apache/htdocs (or just apache/htdocs using the built-in file
manager), create a folder that you'd like to use (f.ex. 'upload').
3. Copy this script to the folder.
4. Start PAMP by opening the application and selecting Start/Pamp.
5. Connect to your WLAN via a router or ad-hoc (Start WLAN).
6. Using your computer's browser, go the the following address:
http://<WLAN IP of your phone)/upload/ f.ex.
7. Start uploading/running/viewing/editing files on your phone!

Known issues:
* When uploading a file, it has to be at least 1201 bytes or it won't work.
So add some padding lines if needed.
* Editing/uploading from the phone's built-in browser won't work ($_POST
problems? not sure yet).
* Not 100% hacker-proof yet. Need to add some checks to the filename to be
* No support for directories; this is intentional!

link : S60PAMPManager 0.1
Original source : Symbian Freak