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    JSR-226 support Chinese text ?


    I'm studying in that svg map displayed on mobile device by using jsr-226. My SVG Data contains Chinese Traditional Text.
    I try to show chinese text on the screen,but it didn't work.

    Does JSR-226 support Chinese text displayed?
    If it does , please tell me how to make it.

    Plz Help.


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    Re: JSR-226 support Chinese text ?

    Support for chinese text is usually dependant on what firmware is in device. For example on european nokia phones there is no support for chinese text but if you manage to get chinese firmware installed in it then they will work. Does your device support chinese text? If not you need to get one that does.

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    Hi ,JDoe
    Thanks for your reply.

    I understand what you express.
    I forgave to mention that I use WTK 2.5 emulator and S40 SDK. Some content can be chines text in the program .
    ( Ex: okCmd = new Command("確定",Command.OK,1)
    What should I notice using emulator?

    On PC font-famly of the text of the SVG data should be set to chinese character and chinese text can be displayed.
    I'm not sure that use the same way in jsr-226 API.
    If it does, how to know what kind of character should I set.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Please help.


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