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    How to show image on click any event......plz urgent

    hi sir.......
    i m new in this field...
    i got assignment to show on menu event like menu option image...
    when i selct image option i want show anyimage on emulater...
    plz tell how can i add this..
    plz any one code send it..

    pash inda

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    Re: How to show image on click any event......plz urgent

    basically you should propably do a lot of studying & searching. anyway, when you click a menu option, the menu command is send to your applications AppUI clases HandleCommandL function, thus you just catch it in there and start oöpening your image, and when it is opened just show it in your container/view.

    For image loading& showing, I would look into Wiki exmaples, they should get you started pretty well.

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