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    Issue with loading progressive video

    I have a video 8mg in size... if I make a call to it as a local file it loads fine in my swf (n958g with latest firmware), however as soon as I ask it to load via a http request it fails...

    Running in Adobe Device central I get this a trace
    at play

    FTPS032: A Call to GetURL(http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/news/vid...-pm_video1.flv) found, limitations might apply.
    Connected to http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au:80/news/...-pm_video1.flv.
    Error for http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au:80/news/...-pm_video1.flv.
    FTPS116: FlashVideo Status : (NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound).
    FTPS116: FlashVideo Status : (NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound).

    yet even with a call to write a text field in the swf when running on the phone the app just stops (at least in device central I get the text field to spit out the netconnection error)... and doesn't load the video....

    are there issues with making a call to a progressive video file that I am not aware of via the standalone player...

    i know for example that this video does play when embded in a webpage based flash player via the s60 browser.

    I am using the videoapplication fla from the adobe site as the starting point to try and see if it is something I am doing or not

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    got it to work...

    I changed the publishing settings to Access network only and the video now plays...

    However it doesn't work in dev centre when testing just to make like more interesting...

    And i don't like how it reorientates the screen to play video... is that what I am going to have to live with in the standalone player...


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    Re: Issue with loading progressive video

    I have question related to buffering. I am sure you know the answer. Can you please check http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=168212


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