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    Exclamation VoIP solution in UAE

    I am from Dubai, VoIP is ban here, i am using Lowratevoip to make cheap international calls,I am using fring in my mobile to configure Lowartevoip service, i tried to configure this service in my E51 built in SIP client but couldn't register to Lowratevoip server.
    if some can advise me,

    1- Any other software like Fring in which i can configure this type of sip service?
    2- How i can make my E51 built in SIP client to register my SIP sever by bypassing ISP restriction?

    Appreciate your reply.

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    Re: VoIP solution in UAE

    I can try to help you, I have VoIP solution platform in Kuwait and in US and now we are working on solution VoIP over WiFi or 3G, we have success with using our system with Nokia E51.
    So if you interest in this contact me via e-mail bimaks@gmail.com
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