I'm building a mobile application using the jsr-184 library.
The application consists of 2d objects (meshes) that are in a 3d space, and I need to have the objects placed on to of another
I tried to use the layer attribute in the appearance, but it is limited to values from -63 to 63, this is sometimes not enough (I sometimes need more then 127 layers).
I also tried giving an offset in the z value of the translation method so that I'll be able to see the meshes on top of each other, but for some reason the mobile telephone (N95 and N73) don't draw it well.
I also tried playing around with the setDepthOffset attribute in the Composing Mode and add it to the appearance. But it seams that this doesn't do anything.
Does anyone know how to solve my problem? Does anyone have a code that takes care of this?