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    Exclamation MSO and Nokia 6120 classic

    Hi all,

    I'm developing an application in Flash Lite 2.0 where i use Mobile
    Shared Objects to save some little information on the device (only a
    username and a password).

    I have tested it on nokia N80, N95 and E50 and there's no problem, but
    when I play it on a Nokia 6120 classic at the momment i use MSO the
    application shut down. The same application without shared objects
    runs perfectly on the same device.

    Firstly, I thought it was because Nokia 6120 classic probably didn't
    support MSO, but then I use "System.capabilities.hasSharedObjects" and
    I verify that it does support MSO because it returns me "true".

    I have to deliver the same application to different devices so I
    should find a way to differenciate when to use MSO or not.

    anyone knows about that?

    Thank you,

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    Re: MSO and Nokia 6120 classic

    Hi Roger,

    Can you contact me please? mdoherty at adobe dot com
    Mark Doherty
    Developer Evangelist
    Adobe Systems, Mobile and Devices EMEA

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