Hi All,

It's my first post here as I thought that I could found a professional answer for my question.

We're operating a mobile content store and have built our content Management system in house during the pas years however it's a became big crabby thing that we need to replace it with something professional, and based on your experiences;I need to know what I have to look for when selecting a good mobile-targeting CMS knowing that I need that the CMS to fulfill the followings

1-multible or shared access as we've different departments that develop their own content and needs a separate access or DB for each Dept.
2- Manage different content types specially Video files
3- Offering sophisticated search and categorizing features.

Also will be great if offering management of content providers, integration with operator billing system

Please I need your input and you could PM me with a solutions name if you know specific professional solution

Thanks in advance for your help