Ive developed a WAP login functionality which is related to a database in allowing certain usernames & passwords to access the system. I am using a simple .wml file to read an .asp file which grants or refuses access depending on whether or not the user is listed in the database.

When i enter the .wml file location i.e.

file://c:/my documents/filename.wml

everything works....and it asks me to enter the username and password, if correct it welcomes me to the site. However, when i refresh the address and go through the same procedure for another user, or even the same user again, it comes up with:

Cannot load (.asp file) Error 500

Once i restart my computer....again it works fine for the first input and doesnt work for resulting inouts. If i exit the toolkit and restart it the same happens.

Can anyone think of any reasoning behind this? The same happens with other SDK's such as Openwave. Could it be because my internet connection is connected to a LAN?

Thanks in advance