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    Express Signing: UNI-09 test case

    Hello All,

    i am testing one application on S60 3rd mobile(E61) AND i am confused with the above the above test case UNI-09.

    it says that:
    STEP1: Having uninstalled the application, reinstall it.
    STEP2: Start the application.
    RESULT: Application should successfully re-install and function after initial uninstall.
    STEP4: Uninstall it again.
    STEP5: Reinstall it to an alternative memory location (i.e. if you installed to the Internal drive initially, try to
    install to the Memory card and vice versa).
    STEP6: Verify it works correctly again on the new memory location.
    RESULT: Application should install and run from any user-selected memory location correctly.
    STEP7: After installation to the removable memory card, take another compliant clean phone or format the
    phone you have, and insert the memory card into the new/formatted phone.
    RESULT: The application should install automatically to the new/formatted phone or if the
    application is copy protected it provides suitablemessage to user indicating why it will not install.
    RESULT: The application should run correctly from the inserted memory card.

    how can i fulfill this thing??
    also as this application is auto-start, one file is there always on phone memory for auto-start mechanism.
    so please give some pointer how application will get installed automatically after formatting the phone (assuming that it was installed on memory card) ??

    thanks in advance!!!!!

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    Re: Express Signing: UNI-09 test case


    First if your application is auto-start, ensure it pass the "Illegal recognizer usage for auto-start" in part 4 (Submission criteria) of the Symbian Signed Test Criteria v3.0.1.
    Then, in order to pass this test case, as you said you have one file that is mandatory to be on the phone memory. The application will then fail to install on STEP7, then it should "provides suitable message to user indicating why it will not install".

    Moreover, you can read on this thread: http://developer.symbian.com/forum/m...essageID=66149 of Symbian Developer Network Forum:

    I think there is some confusion here, please see the points below:-

    If all of your application files get installed to the Memory card, this includes icons, bitmaps... then you should be able to take the card out of the device and insert it in to a new device. Your application must work as it did on the first phone.

    If some of your application files get installed to the Memory card and the rest to the phone. then obviously your application will not work correctly on the new device. Your application must display an appropriate message to the user.


    Symbian Ltd
    Best regards,
    Antoine POULAT from Sogeti.

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