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    Question .AU open and read?! PYS60


    i need to open an .au file, and rigth now i'm able to read the header.

    from struct import unpack
    import struct
    import appuifw
    from graphics import Image
    import camera, e32


    au_file = u'e:\\5000.au'
    f = open(au_file, 'rb')
    print f
    print a
    while 1:
    if b==5:break
    a=struct.unpack('>L', f.read(4))[0]
    print a

    in this moment i got the info:

    > .snd
    > 24
    > 1000
    > 3
    > 8000
    > 1

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Au_file_format that is a correct format.

    rigth now i cant read the data. I got something like this, but it doesnt work:

    while 1:
    if b==100:break
    a=struct.unpack('L', f.read(4))[0]

    Please help me

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    Re: .AU open and read?! PYS60

    Hello ,

    You can find in the wiki solution to your problem

    pys60 1.4.5 and 2.0.0, pygame, PyS60 CE on E90 and 5800 !

    Find my pys60 extension modules on cyke64.googlepages.com

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