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Thread: template class

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    template class


    i implimented a template clss, the .h and .cpp both are error free but when i am initilizeing it, its giving linkink error.

    if any body know the solution please replay.


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    Re: template class

    What is the error which is showing?

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    Re: template class

    Unless you have the template specializations in the cpp file and only use the template specializations, all the template code needs to be in the header so that the compiler can resolve it during the compile of a source file - its called template bloat in technical terms as each template is expanded inline in each module.

    For example see the e32base.inl file in the epoc32\include directory

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    Re: template class

    As you were also asking questions about the STL then of course if you are not linking against any relevant library you will get a linker error.

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