I'm searching for help for a free software project I'd like to port
to symbian.

It's IMDbPY, a python package (plus GUI) useful to access data
from the IMDb movie database.

I'm pretty new to symbian development, and I still don't have a
complete SDK environment (too lazy to set up a MS Windows PC )

So far I've had some success manually porting it, but I need some
help in many areas (testing, writing code and packaging):

  • test the 'mobile', 'http', 'httpThin' data access system, which
    retrieve information from the web (I'll try to do some test, but
    my data fees are pretty high).
  • compile a (quite simple) optional C module, used to speed-up some
  • I've successfully tried the 'local' data access system - which fetch
    data from a local set of files, but some operations are too slow,
    probably for the lack of the above mentioned C module.
  • identify every standard library module required by IMDbPY but not
    included in the Python for Symbian library.
    I've already written ad-hoc replacements for some missing functions,
    like time.strptime().
  • build installer, for both 2nd edition FP3 devices (I have a N70)
    and 3rd edition devices.
  • improve the GUI, originally written by Tero Saarni.
  • see if it's possible to use the 'sql' data access system, that
    fetch the information from a SQL database (it uses SQLObject to
    be database-independent).
    Using the native Symbian database would be quite difficult, I fear;
    the best thing would be to directly access a SQLite db previously
    populated on a PC, but I can't find a SQLite port for Symbian.
  • write documentation.

In the http://imdbpy.sf.net/?page=mobile page there are
some files you need to start-up, but in these days I've written some
code and spotted some bugs, so the best thing to do is to subscribe
the http://imdbpy.sf.net/?page=devel mailing list and write a mail
summarizing how you want to help.