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    Nokia and SunTechDays in Paris (5 December 2002)

    I was at the SunTechDays that held in Paris. Nokia has made for developers a good presentation to convince them to code en J2ME. And also, Nokia has made an introduction to code J2ME on NOKIA Mobile Phone thanks a partner.
    The main objective of our submission to this forum is to find somebody or alert NOKIA that 'WE' (developers) are not only interested to see simple introduction of J2ME, but also to download your presentations (Powerpoint or PDF slides) that are useful for us to start step by step and capitlize our knowledge about J2ME.

    If someone has NOKIA Session slides during SunTechDays in Paris that are :
    - Nokia Vision for J2ME
    - Overview of MIDP Development and Nokia User Interface APIs
    - Nokia Tools and Service Development
    we will be pleased to download and reas more them.

    I hope NOKIA will not forgive to put online their slide presentations of SUNTECHDAYS that will held in UK (February 2003)



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    RE: Nokia and SunTechDays in Paris (5 December 2002)


    We are working with this issue and the presentation will be available soon in Suns or in Forum Nokia www pages, but information will be
    available, just please wait for a while and in meanwhile please
    have a look at the documents in forum.nokia.com/java
    examples or document section. From there you can find also
    a lot of information and documented examples.

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