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Thread: MySQL on pamp

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    Exclamation MySQL on pamp

    Just to let people know mysql on pamp is started using the "SKIP-GRANT-TABLE"
    which skips all users in mysql.

    Johan has informed me that the next version of PAMP you will be able to specify the starting parameters used when starting mysql.

    please note that phpmyadmin requires this option not to be used since version 2.5.6

    so if you are planning on using phpmyadmin on s60 you will need an older version of it , otherwise you will have no permission in phpmyadmin to create databases and tables directly,and you will have to use mysql console from a remote computer.

    the only work around if using a new version of phpmyadmin is to "FLUSH PRIVLEGES" in mysql which will then allow you to do everything but as you will find - mysql will then not end on PAMP on your phone-you must retstart your phone.

    Steven Martin
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