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    How to change position of ScrollBar?


    I set a scrollbar for my listbox like this:

    MyListBoxContainer::ConstructL(const TRect& aRect)
    iListBox->ScrollBarFrame()->SetScrollBarVisibilityL(CEikScrollBarFrame::EOff, CEikScrollBarFrame::EAuto);

    And I change my listbox position like this:

    iListBox->SetExtent(TPoint(0,100), iListBox->MinimumSize());

    My listbox is not draw at top of container, but listbox vertical scrollbar still draw at top of the container, how could I change scrollbar position to adapt my listbox?

    Thank you!

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    Re: How to change position of ScrollBar?

    use the following code in your parent container SizeChanged
    TInt cY = the Y-Axis of list box;
    iListBox->ScrollBarFrame()->VerticalScrollBar()->SetPosition(TPoint(iListBox->ScrollBarFrame()->VerticalScrollBar()->Position().iX, cY));

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