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    MMS copyright implementation, now and later

    Hi, regarding current implementions I understood that: a) certain content/MIME types are considered copyright protected by the phone, b) some phone don't even have an option to forward MMS. My questions are:
    Q1: Which types (gif, jpeg, jar, txt...)
    Q2: This applies to all Nokia phones? How about other vendors?
    Q3: There's no difference whether the content is downloaded via "pure" WAP or MMS?
    You can also name sources where to find information

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    RE: MMS copyright implementation, now and later


    Q1 & Q2. "Nokia Phone Messaging Characteristics" -document explains the content types that are protected at the moment in different Nokia terminals. At the moment these are proprietary solutions for different vendors.

    Q3. No.

    Open Mobile Alliance is creating specifications that should be taken into use in a time. At the moment there's OMA Digital Rights Management version 1.0 available, http://www.openmobilealliance.org/documents.html.

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