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    MTM shows up under "E-mail"

    I'm in the process of writing an MTM. Despite using one of our own UIDs for the MTM and technology type UIDs, on the E50 and E65, the create-new-message menu item shows up under "e-mail", and the MTM's service entry shows up as a mailbox in the e-mail settings screen.

    I've followed the instructions in this article - neither using our own UID nor the developer UID from the article (0xA00001F0) for the technology type make any difference; the E50 and E65 are somehow convinced that the MTM is an e-mail MTM.

    Other phones (the N73 and 6120c) don't seem to have this problem - the create-new-messge menu item shows up in the right place, and e-mail settings does not list the MTM's service entry as a mailbox.

    Is there something obvious I'm missing, or something special that must be done for E-series phones?
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    Re: MTM shows up under "E-mail"

    have you checked


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