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    security problem with PAMP

    hi all,
    I am new in the block.
    I would appreciate if someone can give me a hand with PAMP.
    I have installed all the necessary files but the when I am trying to install the pamp_with_htdocs_on_e.sisx , the system denies due to the
    security warning (application is untrusted etc...)
    Unfortunatelly I cant overcome this message.
    the problem seems to be with the mod_php-5_2_2
    the mobile phone is the N95 8GB.
    thanks for your reply

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    Re: security problem with PAMP

    I haven't actually checked that one, but if it is self-signed, then check that your date, month 7 year is set correctly as well as that your application managers settings do allow installing All.

    anyway, could you write the error message word-by-word in here, it might give a clue on what is happening in there..

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