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    Bluetooth connection :avoid password

    I'm doing a socket connection between my mobile and a bluetooth device, this bluetooth device asks for password when i try to connect(and i cann't avoid this, i only have to do the programm for my mobile), i introduce it by hand (i know it)and ok.But i wanted to know if it is possible to manage this into my code.In this way, there is no need the mobile to ask for password externally neither the user to introduce it by hand.

    I'm using SDK s60 3rd FP1 ,Carbide C++ Express

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    Re: Bluetooth connection :avoid password

    Since the BT password is often called pin, I have searched for it in the SDK Help. Although I do not know how to use them, there are a couple of BT-related hits, like CBTDevice, TBTNameLessDevice. You can try checking them.

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    Re: Bluetooth connection :avoid password

    After pairing with the device you won't need the pin anymore.

    I don't think you can totally avoid the pin code usage.


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