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    Flash designer with lots of queations about FlashLite (ZERO expereince with FLite)

    First of all I feel a little bit stupid getting inside into a forum where people are disussing advanced interesting topics, and deals with me, an ignorant flash designer who wants to try to learn about flashLite and really can get more help from you, than the help i can contribute to this forum...

    I have just this very few questions to start with:

    1. I'm interested in the design of mobile forms, like surveys or just personal information forms, is FlashLite a good option?, do I need the latest flash lite 3 to be installed or can I design the swf file in the earliest version of flash lite? i mean, like in normal desktop flash where you can design in flash8 but you can export for flash5 or flash4 just to be able to run your swf files in any old or new browsers?

    2. what kind of comunication files do i need?, do all the phones understand swf-php-xml integration?, where can I find out that kind of information?, (maybe this is a relly stupid question but i need to start somewhere... )

    3. is there any kind of resources where i can take a look of simple already done flashLite .fla files so i can start studying them?

    4. Any one of the people here in the forum can maybe send me this kind of starting-dummi files so i can start learning?

    5.I want to be able to catch most of all the mobile devices, so the old ones with FlashLite 1.0 can also read my files, How far can i go if i design a complex form?, and how can this form comunicate with the server?, wich is the best way?, any examples? any ideas?

    Thanks and Hope really to learn lot of things in this forum,


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    Re: Flash designer with lots of queations about FlashLite (ZERO expereince with FLite

    1) flash might be ok for this but it depends upon how much text entry you require of users. Flash Lite 2.1 has predictive text entry support, but earlier versions do not. Text entry may be awkward in some situations. Also you probably should not use components unless they are specifically designed for use with phones.

    2) Flash Lite 1.1 supports name/value pairs (loadVariables) Flash Lite 2.x and greater supports loading xml, however xml may not be an efficient way to transfer data, and Flash Lite may have trouble parsing large or verbose xml files. You may need to run some tests on an actual phone to find out the feasability of using xml in your project.

    5. you probably mean Flash Lite 1.1 which is still an relevent platform. Use loadVariables and name value pairs to communicate with the server. All other aspects should be similar to using Flash 4 with PHP.

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