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The demo I'm working is n Chaper 3.7.2 from pdf manual, Phone-to-PC example, server=PC and client=phone. It works sometimes but most of the time it gets stuck at the line of "Waiting for connection..". I, however, know the connection is established everytime becasue Bluetooth icon in the Window taskbar changes its color to green and shows the information bubble to say 'the connection is established'.

The below is Eclipse Console dump for after a successful connection.

BlueCove version 2.0.2 on widcomm
Create server by uri: btspp://localhost:0000110100001000800000805f9b34fb;name=PCServerCOMM
Waiting for connection...
Entering handleConnection()..
Reading setup completed!
Inside of Read thread.
Close connection.
Waiting for connection...

I,m using Nokia 6620 phone and Windows XP Sp2 with Kensigton USB Bluetooth dongle, which has CSR radio and firmware Ver.525 for Bluetooth 1.1. I had to recompile becasue the phone does not support CLDC 1.1.

Here is my question. I'd like to know how I can make the connection to be more consistent. Is it as simple as tweaking the Java apps? Or do I have to replace some of the hardware and/or Bluetooth stack to 1.2? Is 6620 a good device for this demo?