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    Question asynchronus http request and crash in application

    Dear All,

    I am facing below problem.

    I have one application and one http lib.

    I am giving a http request from application to http. then the request is getting processed and as it is asychronous the mhfRunL is getting called in http. once all data is received i am getting THTTPEvent::ESucceeded.

    the problem is i want to give multiple request. but the sdk tells that one transaction is for one request and one response.

    then how can i handle multiple requestes,(i think having multiple transaction wil help me ) and hence then onwards when mhfruL() gets called how i can know for which request of mine i am getting the response.

    or if i want to give sequential requests, once i get THTTPEvent::ESucceeded i am not able to give one more request from application as the function called from mhfrunL()(i am calling one function of application ProsessingComplete() from mhfRUnL()) will be in http context and hence the application crahes.

    how to solve this problem

    with regards
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    Re: asynchronus http request and crash in application

    Hi VK,
    you can handle multiple request in callback function HTTPEvent(TInt EventType)
    observe THTTPEvent::EResponseComplete in HTTPEvent(TInt aEventType) and after first Request processing complete you can fire second request.

    You can provide url of the folder which contains multiple file which you want to fetch. like http://wap.abc.com/clients/test/

    And If you want to request multiple url from appview then observe THTTPEvent in Callback function HTTPEvent(TInt aEventType) then application won't crash.


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