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    Handset pairing with BT SDK

    Hi All,
    I have two BT USB Dongles , one with BlueSOlie software and another with Windcomm software . I am using Nokia N70 and N72 to connect / pair / discover the PC on which these USB Dongles are connected .
    I am able to discover the PC with Bluesolie software dongle , but when i try the same with Windcomm software dongle , its aint showing in the device discovery list!!

    Any pointers and how to tackle that.....
    the BT interoperability !!


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    Re: Handset pairing with BT SDK

    Are you sure that you have enabled discovery on the Widcomm dongle?

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    Re: Handset pairing with BT SDK

    The Windcomm dongle is in discoverable mode .
    The setup is as follows.
    When the PC has Windcomm Dongle , and i have the Nokia N72 (both in discoverable mode) the following happens..
    From PC ..i am able to discover the Nokia N72 , but not vice versa.
    I have checked the settings,again, and both of them are in discoverable mode!!

    Any pointers.


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