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    N95 8GB Certificate Error

    I have three N95 phones with different firmware versions, and the 8GB models wont install my application
    I'm using Carbide 1.2 and even the small examples wich can be created by the wizard (selfsigned) produce an error on these models.
    The applications can be installed well on my N95 (less)GB (F3.02) V 11.0.026, but on the 8Gb (71.01) V 15.0.015 and the (71.02) V 10.0.021 it asks for install, then not even a security warning appears, or the typical dialogs about vendor and so on, but after 10 seconds or so a certificate error appears.
    All phones have set the correct time and date!
    Any help would me appreciated.
    Regards, Charly

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    Re: N95 8GB Certificate Error

    If it is a new device, make sure that you have properly set the date (you can also try setting it a day ahead).
    You can also check Settings in the Application Manager, and have the installation restriction set to All (however usually this is the default setting on N-Series devices).

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    Re: N95 8GB Certificate Error

    Thank you!
    It is working now, it was the Application Manager setting. It was not set to "All" by default and I did not remember to check...

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