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    WAP gateway(IP address??)!!!!

    I am a student currently developing a registration WAP application. I have my application working within the Nokia toolkit 3.1 environment but now I want to be able to put my WML decks onto a ASP pages and upload them onto a server such as Brinkster. But Im having major problems trying to get the Nokia toolkit to work as a external WAP browser to verify my application is working on the server. Im guessing the WAP gateway field in the device settings tab is the key,but Im not sure..any idea's?..any WAP gateway IP's?..thanks in advance

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    RE: WAP gateway(IP address??)!!!!


    This is directly form the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit's User Manual:
    "You have a choice whether to use Toolkit?s server simulator or to use another WAP Gateway. Server Simulator is generally satisfactory unless you need to establish secure connections, in which case you must use another WAP Gateway.
    ? To use Toolkit?s server simulator as the method for connecting to the network, choose Use default settings. Now choose OK to exit the Device Settings dialog. If you plan to run Toolkit from within an organization that uses a proxy server to the outside network, then you must also configure Toolkit to use this proxy server, as follows:
    To configure an HTTP Proxy Server:
    a) Find out the IP address or name of the proxy server you must use; ask your network administrator for help if necessary.
    b) In Toolkit, choose Settings>Toolkit Preferences.
    c) On the Connection tab, check the box labeled Use Http proxy and then enter the IP address of your proxy server. Now choose OK to exit the Toolkit Preferences dialog.
    The selected device simulator is now configured to use Toolkit?s server simulator."

    Please see the User Manual information how to use an external gateway. I would imagine, the server simulator would be enough for you.

    sannah/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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