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    Stream video live from Nokia 6110 Navigator

    I am all new to Mobile Java programming and would like to ask some basic questions regarding what features Mobile Java supports. I would like to implement two features:

    (1) live streaming of video from the handset to a computer


    (2) remote controlled (from a computer) or automatic (controlled by an application on the phone) photo capturing (i.e. not directly initiated by the handset user)

    Is this even possible to do? Any tips?

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    Re: Stream video live from Nokia 6110 Navigator

    1) you need to record in pieces and send the video in another thread after stpping recording momentarily, as you cannot access the recorded stream before that.

    2) possible, but you might encounter some issues with the API permission settings. (http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...curity_Domains)
    Basically by default your application requests user to manually grant the permission for taking a picture every time. You can manually change the settings so that this is asked only once. Or then you can sign your MIDlet


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    Re: Stream video live from Nokia 6110 Navigator

    OK, thank you!

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