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    some newbie questions for polyphonic

    Hi all,

    I have some questions about polyphonic melodies...

    1- assume that I have a polyphonic melody file, do every handsets (nokia,ericsson,motorola etc...) play the file similarly? I mean that, is it required to change the file format for each handset brand/model?

    2- is it required to use sp-midi file format or can I user standart midi file format as polyphonic?

    3- if the answer is 'yes, required to use sp-midi', is there any starting point to understand differences between sp-midi and midi file format? Because, if it is required, I'll write a converter.

    4- is there any possible way to give a pre-listening to wap users over wap? (without download procedure).


    if giving answer these questions is hard-work for you, please give,at least, any starting point (website, developer guide document, any other forums).

    Thank for all

    Kaan Erdemir

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    RE: some newbie questions for polyphonic


    Information about MIDI in Nokia phones can be found from http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35452,1_2_7_1,00.html -> Technical.

    4. No.

    Best regards,
    V / Forum Nokia

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