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    Trouble with Wifi

    Hi all,

    I have a problem with Wifi. I must collect some informations about WLAN:
    - Name of AP
    - Signal strength
    - Mac Address of AP
    - Security mode

    I use RConnectionMonitor to get the WLAN name and signal strength.

    And I use CWlanScanInfo and CWlanMgmtClient to get Mac Address and security mode.

    Now, can I know which WLAN name conicides with a certain Mac Address?
    Or, in which way can I get all informations using only one procedure?


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    Re: Trouble with Wifi

    If no one here will be able to help you may want to contact FN technical support, there's a minimal fee for it http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/tech...ort/index.html


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    Re: Trouble with Wifi

    All the required information can be obtained via CWlanScanInfo class.

    CWlanScanInfo::RXLevel() gives you the signal strength.

    CWlanScanInfo::Bssid() gives you the BSSID (= MAC address).

    CWlanScanInfo::SecurityMode() gives you the security mode.

    I assume that with 'Name of AP' you actually mean the SSID (Service Set Identifier)
    (= "name of the network"). There's an example code for this in the wlanscaninfo.h header.

    // Information Element ID for SSID as specified in 802.11.
    const TUint8 KWlan802Dot11SsidIE = 0;

    // Iterate through scan results.
    for( scanInfo->First(); !scanInfo->IsDone(); scanInfo->Next() )
    // Parse through BSS parameters.

    TUint8 ieLen( 0 );
    const TUint8* ieData = NULL;

    TInt ret = scanInfo->InformationElement( KWlan802Dot11SsidIE, ieLen, &ieData );
    if ( ret == KErrNone )
    // ieData now points to the network name
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