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    Parallel HTTP Connections using Active Objects


    I have to develop an application in which i have to create two parallel HTTP connections. I have two queries.

    1) Would it be appropriate to use active objects for the application.
    2) For the GUI application if i make each of the connections via an active object then do I need to create an active scheduler.
    3) I tried creating my own active scheduler but i get E32User CBase 46 panic.


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    Re: Parallel HTTP Connections using Active Objects

    All GUI applications inherently run inside an Active Scheduler. You need not and cannot create+install your own one:
    Quote Originally Posted by SDK Help
    void Install(CActiveScheduler *aScheduler);
    E32USER-CBase 43 if If there is already an installed active scheduler.
    I do not know the HTTP API, however if it requires you to provide TRequestStatus & as argument of certain methods, you will need Active Objects. If it works via callback methods and no TRequestStatus &, you will need two objects (and probably two classes, if they should behave differently) implementing the required interface, but they do not have to be AO-s.

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    Re: Parallel HTTP Connections using Active Objects

    hi ctrl-d,

    U can make two connection using the AOs.But u dont need to create ur own Active Schedular.

    The HTTP API is an Asyncronous call, so u need to use the AO to make the connection with remote device if u r using RConnection API.

    Make three classes, On to holds the connection class, Connection Class and the Connection Opener class.

    1)Do open and close connections in Connection Opener, it should be AO.

    2)Connection class has obeserver class for connection Opener and RConnection callback methods.

    3)Connection Handler creates the instance of the connection class, so u can make any no of instances of the connection class here and make the connection also.

    Just u need to some well-define architecture.I gave simple structure.


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