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    writing string obtained from Bluetooth Rfcomm

    i have a bluetooth program that i based on the PointToMultipoint_ver_2.0 given in the Nokia site...it works all rite...but i need to write this string in a file for parsing...could someone explain to me how this data is received by the listener class...the 8-bit iBuffer descriptor is used to store the received string and is then stored in a 16 bit HBufC* text as far as i see...is there anything i need to take care of or should i simply write this "text" descriptor using RFileWriteStream...also when is tried simply writing a normal 16 bit descriptor using "RFileWriteStream << descriptor"...i got an unknown character at the beginning of the file...is that the descriptor's length...if so how do i remove it.

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    Re: writing string obtained from Bluetooth Rfcomm

    You can use RFileWriteStream::WriteL for example, since it does not store the length, only the characters. You can use RFile::Write too (with the 8-bit descriptor).

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