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    Symbian radio recording

    Hi. My question stands: it is possible to record sounds from FM radio receiver in S60 2nd phones (N70)? If it is possible, can you point me at API? If not, why?

    It's very interesting. Some non-OS dumb phones (samsung, etc) can record... but our Symbian?

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    Re: Symbian radio recording

    I don't think there is any readily available symbian API for this, but you ould make port a open-C project to symbian and get it working that way.

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    Re: Symbian radio recording


    In the past some products have specifically disallowed recording from the radio. There were some legal disputes going on between the recording industry and various broadcasters and consumer electronics manufacturers about extra royalties for devices that could digitally record from the radio. I think Nokia just decided to avoid the whole thing.


    P.S. I think but am not sure that the N70 is one of those products where it is not permitted.

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