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    N95 8GB; streaming problem

    As suggested, we used the Adobe article, "Webcasting live video with Flash Media Encoder", and got it to work with FMS 3 (developer version), FME, and Flash creating a Flash Lite 3 swf which plays the streamed video. On Windows platforms, after updating the security settings on the flash player, it works on several machines on the network (intranet). However, the same swf on the Nokia 95 (8GB) opens but does not show or play the streaming video. it is connected by wireless on the same network.

    Any suggestions??? thanks, Vivek
    p.s. another swf with flv file on N95 works...

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    Re: N95 8GB; streaming problem

    Flash Lite 3, has security sandbox implementation based on Flash 8 security. Local swf can not make GETURL request (when opened from Flash viewer application)

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    Re: N95 8GB; streaming problem

    It is possible to get 'local with networking' access if the swf file is in a trusted folder. This is reflected on the desktop player also and you can test it by placing the swf file in a C:\Data\Others\Trusted folder on the device.

    On the N95 8GB device the built in FL3 player may have a trusted folder that is in a private folder specified and controlled by Nokia.


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