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    Direct screen access & display mode

    What is the difference between drawing using direct screen access and using window server?

    Using direct screen access is it possible to set the display mode?

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    Re: Direct screen access & display mode


    DSA itself is NOT the drawing engine, it is the OS framework used to give you the notice, when WSERV needs the access to the screen, screen size changes, etc. It is necessary, becuase when you draw something on the screen and you are not using the WSERV, you can easily interfere with it (i.e. when there is incoming call, SMS, battery dialog, BT indicator, etc.). So DSA is the framework, which uses few callback to say you when and where you can draw on the screen. The drawing method is up to you - you can use fill directly the video buffer, but then you will have the flickering possibly. There are also other methods how to access screen - they are slower, but safe


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