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    Showing KERN-EXEC3 panic Problem

    Hi All,

    When i run this code for picture capture in client-server where both client and server are residing in the emulator,

    TSize screenSize = CEikonEnv::Static()->ScreenDevice()->SizeInPixels();

    TDisplayMode displayMode = CEikonEnv::Static()->ScreenDevice()->DisplayMode();

    CFbsBitmap*iBitmap = new (ELeave) CFbsBitmap();
    User::LeaveIfError(iBitmap->Create(screenSize, displayMode));

    TInt err = CEikonEnv::Static()->ScreenDevice()->CopyScreenToBitmap(iBitmap);

    the emulator it is showing KERN-EXEC 3 panic

    When i debug the problem, the panic is causing at the statement which i have bolded above,

    I also found that screenSize that is the height and width are showing both in negitive values,

    Can any one help me in solving this problem,

    Also, when i run this programm indivudually, it is working fine with out any problems and i could able to capture the picture and store it in phone memory.


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    Re: Showing KERN-EXEC3 panic Problem

    Quote Originally Posted by [URL="http://www.symbian.com/developer/techlib/v8.1adocs/doc_source/reference/reference-cpp/N10192/CEikonEnvClass.html#%3a%3aCEikonEnv%3a%3aStatic%28%29"]Symbian OS SDK v8.1a » Symbian OS reference » C++ component reference » App framework UIKON » CEikonEnv[/URL]


    static inline CEikonEnv *Static();

    Gets the CEikonEnv maintained by the framework for the application.

    This function should never be run in a thread where such a static Uikon environment does not exist. Code that may run on the server side of an application server is one such case.

    Return value
    CEikonEnv * A static CEikonEnv.

    See also:

    * CCoeEnv::Static()
    Why are you assuming that all the method calls are succesful?
    -- Lucian

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