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    Exclamation Wap push Usint AT Command

    Hi All,
    I am facing the problem in sending the WAP Push using the
    AT Command. I am using java.comm api for this not any
    external built in jar file.

    the example code i am using it are as fallows.


    my mobile no is +919884820470 = 8948284007

    please help me where i am making mistake

    thanks in advance
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    Re: Wap push Usint AT Command

    I´m not an expert but I´ll try to help

    The PDU you are using is this:
    00 11 00 0A 91 8948284007 00 00 AA 50

    If you are sending a message with a udh, the first octet must be 51, not 11.

    You are using 91 as the "Type of address", 91 is international format but your phone number you are using (8948284007 -> 9884820470) don't seem to be international, maybe you are missing a country code or a area code.

    Your TP-DCS is set tou 00, to send nokia smart message it must be 04(8 bit)

    The udh you are using is: 0B05040B8423F00003840101

    0B -> udh length
    05 04 0B84 23F0 -> port forward
    00 03 84 01 01 -> concatenate

    You are using concatenation header, but your message is just 1 SMS length, it is not necessary to include this headers.

    Could you explain me what is the meaning of the rest of the message?
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