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    Calculating Camera Active Time (S60 3rd FP1)


    I am working on S60 3rd edition FP1 SDK application where I want to calculate the time for which the device Camera is active and how many images were taken during that time.

    In my class derived from MCameraObserver class I created a CCamera object. Now, when I open the Camera application while my application running in background the Callback function of MCameraObserver class ReserveComplete() or PowerOnComplete() is not called,
    Whereas if I use <CCamera_object>->Reserve() to reserve the camera from my own application, the callback func. is called.

    Problems :
    1. Does that mean, MCameraObserver class doesn't catch the camera events done from other apps or inbuilt Camera application ????

    2. Also if I use MCameraObserver2 class instead of MCameraObserver KERN-EXEC :3 panic comes on the <CCamera_object>->Reserve() statement ????

    3. ReserveComplete() or PowerOnComplete() for camera started.
    ImageReady() callback for Image captured.
    Is their any callback notification for Power off also ????

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    Re: Calculating Camera Active Time (S60 3rd FP1)

    I think MCameraObserver2 is not supported on S60 3rd, KERN-EXEC: 3 is likely to caused due to dereferencing null pointer, checkout if your NewL is successful during creating camera object.

    Regarding call back of other events those should ideally be called even if native application makes these events to rise. Anybody want to say anything here?


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    Re: Calculating Camera Active Time (S60 3rd FP1)

    Thanks Atul,

    You are right, MCameraObserver2 is not suppported on S60 3rd as provided in the link http://www.forum.nokia.com/document/...S60_3rd_Ed.htm

    but it is given at some places that it is supported on P990i,
    Is there any way it can be used with Non-UIQ (like Nokia E65) S60 3rd edition phones ?

    Also, my other question remain unanswered ?????

    Q. Is it so that the MCameraObserver doesn't listen to the Camera events like ReserveComplete() and PowerOn() triggered by the other applications ???
    Is there any way I can know from my application running in background that the user has started the Camera ??

    Is their anyone who can help me out ??
    Please spare some time, I need your help friends ?

    Waiting for a reply.......


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    Re: Calculating Camera Active Time (S60 3rd FP1)

    Hi all,

    I found a forum nokia wiki link http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...e_audio_device

    which says that there is no way to find when other audio is being played by the system or by another application for S60 1st and 2nd edition.
    Similarly, MCameraObserver is not detecting the camera events generated by other applications.

    Is their any way possible in 3rd edition for getting a notification as soon as any multimedia aplication like camera, audio or video has been started by the user ????


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