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    problem creating package with theme studio for N73

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie.
    I'm using Carbide 3.2 Theme Studio, I have a N73 and a N70. I'm using Vista.
    Working on a new theme for my new N73 I found two problems.
    I try to work by this process and I can`t solve the problem.

    -From the Editor Carbide I import a PNG file as a new icon for the "inbox" item of the "messages" section.
    -I can see in the preview menu in Carbide the icon.
    -I save the theme
    -I create the new pakage in two ways: one for the S60 2nd edition pack 1,2 (N70) and one for the 3rd edition (N73)
    -I put the first on the N70 and... it works!
    -I put the second on the N73 and... It seems to be everything ok but when the theme is active the N73 doesn't enter in the "message section". I also tried to put in the N73 the first .sis but is not compatible.

    -From the editor I select a default icon
    -Using Illustrator I modify just one color of the icon
    -I save the file and return on Carbide
    -I can see in the preview menu the icon working with the new color
    -I Save the theme
    -I create the package in the S60 2nd edition and it works, also in the N70
    I create the Package for the S60 3rd edition anche appears an error message popup:

    The following error uccurred in th pakaging process: The command S60_28_MIFCONV.exe execution failed

    Command: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.2\Eclipse\plugins\com.nokia.tools.packaging_3.2.0\runtime\win32\S60_28_MIFCONV.exe themepackage.mif /BC:\Program Files\Nokia\Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.2\Eclipse\plugins\com.nokia.tools.packaging_3.2.0\runtime\win32 /PC:\Program Files\Nokia\Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.2\Eclipse\plugins\com.nokia.tools.packaging_3.2.0\runtime\win32\thirdpartybitmap.pal /Fthemepackage_MIFList.txt /Hthemepackage.mbg /SC:\Program Files\Nokia\Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.2\Eclipse\plugins\com.nokia.tools.packaging_3.2.0\runtime\win32\s60_28

    Reading source list file: themepackage_MIFList.txt
    Checking: .\qgn_prop_mce_inbox_sub.svg
    Checking: .\qsn_cp_scroll_handle_middle.svg
    La directory corrente non Š valida.
    La directory corrente non Š valida.
    Loading mif icons...
    Loading file: .\qgn_prop_mce_inbox_sub.svgb

    ERROR: Unable to open file for reading!.\qgn_prop_mce_inbox_sub.svgb

    ***** Multi-image-file converter *****

    MIFCONV output_file_name.mif
    [[/A] [/OPT] src_file_name_1.EXT] ... [[/A] [/OPT] src_file_name_N.EXT]

    /Hheader_file_name.mbg specifies output header file name

    /E specifies that source icons are only loaded with given
    file extensions. By default, MifConv prefers source icons with
    extension .svg over .bmp, regardless of which is given as a parameter.

    /Ppalette_file_name palette parameter, which is forwarded to BmConv for bitmap icons.
    See more details in BmConv help.

    /Bbmconv_path specifies the location path of bmconv.exe.

    /Ssvgtbinencode_path specifies the location path of svgtbinencode.exe.

    /A specifies animated flag for icon
    /OPT[,MASK] specifies icon framebuffer depth and mask depth
    /OPT may be one of /1,/2,/4,/8,/c4,/c8,/c12,/c16,/c24,/c32
    MASK may be one of 1,8
    EXT may be one of SVG, BMP

    Parameter file defined with option /F may contain
    any of the parameters listed above, separated by spaces or newlines.

    Someone can help me?
    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: problem creating package with theme studio for N73

    Hi guys, nobody knows what could I do? Please, help me, this software is going to make me crazy...

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