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    6510 switches off and can't be turned back on

    I've recently bought a 6510. I have sent numerous picture messages, group logos etc. to my phone using the Pc Suite 4.51a (cd bundled with the phone) from my pc via a USB IrDA. I've also backed up all my phone info to my pc (win2000).

    Everything was working well until very recently while sending a pic msg to my phone, my phone switched off by itself and won't turn back on. As it was still under warranty, I brought the phone to a Nokia Professional Centre and I think it was resetted. They didn't tell me what the problem was with it. The very same night, I then tried again to send some pic messages to my phone. After sending a couple, the same thing happened again!

    Could it be because the pic msges I downloaded frm the Internet were infected with viruses (.bmp images) or is it my phone that's the problem?? This is very frustrating as I have to bring it back to the Nokia Centre to have it fixed again.

    Am I the only one facing this problem? Is there someone who can help me? Thanks in advance.

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    RE: 6510 switches off and can't be turned back on


    For questions like this, it is recommended to contact local Nokia dealer or Club Nokia. More information about Club Nokia is available at http://www.club.nokia.com. If you are sending message loaded to the phone from PC and this causes error, the format of the message could be incorrect. The format could also corrupt when picture is been transferred to the phone, this can for e.g. be caused by error in the connection or using non-compatible hardware or software.

    More information about the IrDA connection and Nokia PC Suite can also be found from Nokia website under phone specific webpages.

    Best regards,

    Marko Tuukkanen
    Forum Nokia

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